Fly fisherman catches sea trout in the Peizerdiep

19 January, 2018 •  General   Reports  

A fly fisherman from Roden caught a rare sea trout in the Peizerdiep. The fish was released in Drenthe, but also swam in the Wadden Sea for some time. The fish comes from Germany and was plotted years ago in the Groote Diep. He probably lived in the stream for a year and left for the sea. "He grew up there and then returned to the head of Drenthe", says director Henk Mensinga of the Fishing Federation Groningen Drenthe.

Next Monday 8th of January I am asked for an interview at a local radiostation in The Hague

07 January, 2018 •  General  

There will be an interview about volunteering and the drive for doing it.

Sportfish ban sea bass off the track

15 December, 2017 •  General   Reports  


About (sea)bass fishing in the EU

26 November, 2017 •  General   Reports  

The (sea) bass is on the verge of extinction due to commercial fishing, unless we do something about it like Ireland and the US....

16th Big Angling event in Jaarbeurs Utrecht, The Netherlands

03 November, 2017 •  General   Fishing gear  

Opening times: December 1-3th from 10.00 - 17.00 hrs.

Address: Van Zijstweg 21, 3521 AB  UTRECHT

New! Paybuttons made for electronic banking with all creditcards by PayPal

28 July, 2017 •  General  

From now on it is easy paying fishingtrip(s) at FGP.

New at Fishing guide Paul: paying afterwards of one day fishingtrips by mobile paymentmethod

27 June, 2017 •  General  

All bank and creditcards accepted!

Client catches big pike on softbait at canal in Holland

05 June, 2017 •  General   Reports  

Big pike fishing!

Pike spawning area created by men

04 June, 2017 •  General   Reports  

Yesterday volunteers of two nearby fishingclubs and the waterboard of Delfland were monitoring and registrating the number of young pike who were born there the last months. After that they were released in the nearby canal for further growing!

New lines and equipment for the new fishing season

21 May, 2017 •  General   Fishing gear  

All lines are replaced for the new fishing challenges of 2017.

Sport fishing event “Visma 2017 - New Style”  3-4-5th March in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

10 February, 2017 •  General   Fishing gear  

For three days Rotterdam is scene of everything about sportsfishing, -equipment like rods, reels, lures and even fishingboats an travelagencies for fishing abroad.

International Fly Fishing Event at Rosalies, Belgium

13 January, 2017 •  General   Fishing gear  

It is a nice and busy event in the French speaking area of Belgium.

New slider installed for my website

09 January, 2017 •  General  


New! Walleye fishing with a float and dead baitfish

24 December, 2016 •  General  

From the bank at a canal.

My visit to Fly Happening 2016, Putte - Belgium

26 November, 2016 •  General   Reports  

Today I was at the Fly Happening event in Flanders, Belgium.

22 quotes about (fly)fishing

27 October, 2016 •  General  

Here are some quotes from people who do matter.

CUSTOMERREVIEW: Norwegian fishing trip

26 September, 2016 •  General   Reviews  

Mid August went with Paul to Norway for fishing the best lake in Telemark.

International Flyfishing event “Fly Happening 2016” in Putte, Belgium

04 September, 2016 •  General  

It's going to be a great event for flyfishermen across Europe and the UK!

Soon six Flyfishing Club members are going to flyfish in the Czech Republic

30 August, 2016 •  General  

The airlinetickets are bought and from the International Airport of Prague we have to drive 150 km. to the Polish border.

CUSTOMERREVIEW: Day beach fishing at the shores of Monster, South Holland

19 July, 2016 •  General   Reports   Reviews  

Dear Paul,

We had a wonderful and succesfull beach fishing day with you saturday the 9th July. We caught a lot (seabass and dab/plaice), actually two bass could take home....which admittedly you had caught...ours were too small...

Day beach fishing with clients near Monster, South Holland

14 July, 2016 •  General   Reports  

Recently I was fishing at the shore of South Holland. Some clients asked for that.

A week of flyfishing in Norway

24 June, 2016 •  General   Reports  

In the surroundings of Trysil we went for a week of fly and pikefishing.

Our donation to the Seatroutproject in Lauwersmeer

09 March, 2016 •  General  

Fishing guide Paul has also contributed to the Seatroutproject for reintroduction of sea trout in Lauwersmeer and streams in the provinces of Groningen and Drenthe in the northern part of Holland.

Fly Fair 2016 the World of Fly Fishing

29 February, 2016 •  General   Fishing gear  

On the Saturday and Sunday of May 28 and 29 2016, the flyfishing world will be surprised by the next Fly Fair, a festivity known to all for its hospitality and outragoreous fun.

Also click the PDF-file

VISMA: the biggest and most complete angling fair of europe on 4-5-6 march 2016!

16 February, 2016 •  General   Fishing gear  

Visma is the most largest and complete angling fair in The Netherlands. The 46th edition attracted 19.671 visitors in three days!

Fish and Angling exhibition in Dortmund, Germany

20 January, 2016 •  General   Fishing gear  

The exhibition is held from 9th - 14th February in the Messehallen Dortmund, each day from 10.00 - 18.00 hrs. The "Highlights" from this event are for example fly-tying (also for kids), rodbuilding- and seafishingclinics. There is also a event-App to guide you through the halls and providing you with information about the stands.

International Fly Fishing Event in Belgium 30th and 31th of January 2016

24 December, 2015 •  General  

For the 21th time in history this Fly Fishing event takes place at Rue JF Kennedy 150 in Rosalie in the French speaking part of Belgium.

New! Pike and walleye fishing in the Biesbosch

16 July, 2015 •  General  


New businesscard for my company arrived!

02 April, 2015 •  General  

For all my old and new customers/contacts.

Facebook and Twitter icons now present on this website!

12 February, 2015 •  General  

For also visiting my Facebook and Twitteraccount.

Websitetranslation in German language soon available

26 January, 2015 •  General  

At the moment we are busy with the translation of my website in the German language.

International Fly Fishing Event in Belgium 31th of January/1st of February 2015

12 January, 2015 •  General  

For the 20th time in history this Fly Fishing Event takes place at Rue JF Kennedy 150 in Roselies in the French speaking part of Belgium. Youtube

The English “Fishing Guide Paul” leaflet was pressed and is now released

20 December, 2014 •  General