Fishing guide Paul

Who am I?

My name is Paul Plantinga, am 52 years of age and live in The Westland, Holland - between The Hague and Rotterdam. As a young boy I would sit on the water banks with my fishing rod. Completely fascinated by the phenomenon (carp) fishing I bought my first carp rod when I was seventeen years old. Later more followed, each for different situations.

Familiar with all fishing techniques my personal preference is for pen fishing. For a long time I was a member of the Karper Studiegroep Nederland (Dutch Carp Study Group) and gained extra experience in carp fishing.

Later I concentrated on fly fishing both in The Netherlands and abroad and became a member of a fly fishing club. Recently I became chairman of this club. At the moment I am following the training course “Werpcertificaat van de Vereniging Nederlandse Vliegvissers” (Casting certificate of the Association of Dutch Fly Fishers) and intend to become an instructor in the art of casting so that I can give lessons.

Other disciplines of sport fishing are familiar to me, such as fishing for predatory species from the water side and from the boat on inland waters. However, sea fishing is not one of my hobbies, it does not appeal to me. Of late I have developed a passion for fishing with old splitcane rods which give a special experience during the catch.