Big carp fishing for two weeks in Spain with old fishing mate

06 October, 2018 •  Fishing gear   Tactics  

At the end of the month I am invited by an old fishing mate who lives in Portugal to fish the reservoirs in Spain for 20+ kg. carp. He uses his 12 feet Century rods of 3,5 lbs and I can borrow his Leon Hoogendijks, 13 ft, 3,5 lbs rods. Leon is a famous Dutch Carp fisherman who lives and fishes the south of France. He builts specialized Carp rods for fishing the big lakes and rivers in France.

Lake Oostvoorne

15 May, 2016 •  Tactics  

At the moment there is still no hatch of the Bibio flies in the bushes near the lake, but we are expecting when the frenzied eatparty of the trout takes place...!