Check the Dutch freshwaterfish records!

admin • 11 July, 2018 •  General   Reports  


The Netherlands holds 76 freshwaterfishspecies. For all popular fish there is a record, but they may be lacking fo some small or less common fish. Every record claim is judged bij the BNRZ team consisting of employees of Sportvisserij Nederland and Beet. After validation the record will be added to the list and the new record holders will get a certificate at the end of the year.


All records have to be released alive, the measuring tape has to be in the picture and there has to be a picture of the angler holding the fish. You don’t have to live in the Netherlands to claim a record. So as a tourist you can hold an official Dutch record fish.
Note we only mesure the fish in cm and you can’t claim a record by its weight. Fill in the form at