Dutch restaurants serve massively unsustainable fish

admin • 14 June, 2018 •  General  


The score 'red' on the VISwijzer means that a fish has several sustainability problems, such as overfishing, damage to the seabed or environmental impact by breeding. The most important 'red' fish served is the tropical shrimp (gamba), which is found on 61% of the menu cards. Also fresh tuna (which is usually yellowfin, but can also be bluefin or bigeye tuna) almost always turns red and stands on 31% of the menu cards. In addition, no less than 15% of the menu cards are eels (European eel). This while eel is a critically endangered species and no sustainable fishing or breeding is possible. The red species such as skate, smelt, swordfish and butterfish were also found on menus.

In a telephone survey, 4 out of 5 chefs indicate that sustainability is an important issue in their business operations. So there is certainly the intention to make it more sustainable, but it is not yet visible on the menus.