Fly fisherman catches sea trout in the Peizerdiep

admin • 19 January, 2018 •  General   Reports  

The fisherman has put back the protected and tasty fish, which was 47 centimeters long. Unfortunately the man could not photograph the sea trout. "But I have known him for a long time, it is someone who knows the area very well and often fishes here", says Mensinga.


Because of the color of the "returned" sea trout, it was easy to establish that the fish actually swam around in the sea. "Because of salt water, it turns silver, just like the caught specimen, so you also talk about a sea trout." According to him, the catch is good news. "We are very happy with it. It is a sign that our efforts to regain the sea trout have resulted. They are doing well. Al though a lot has to be done.