My visit to the HS-Outdoor Fair 2015 at the Isle of Maurik, Holland

admin • 06 September, 2015 •  Reports  

This weekend The HS-Outdoor 2015 event was held in Maurik in the centre of riverland Holland. There were many anglingshops in white shelters located on the riverbanks, selling all sorts of fishingequipment, like hard-and softbaits for different kinds of predatorfishing including catfish. There were also many boats on trailers and lying in the artificial harbour for shakedown cruises. I joined a ship with an outboard motor of 225 hp. It went very fast! Also there was a pavilion of the Dutch society of Flyfishermen VNV and one could try casting with a flyrod and fly-tying. It was a nice event although the weather was not so well both days!