New type of fish passage: the Fish elevator (Vislift)

admin • 06 December, 2018 •  General   Reports   Tactics  

Conventional fish passages bite a barrier, as it were, in small steps: passing fish have to take a series of "bumps" through different angular bassins. Thanks to the round shapes of the Vislift, these bumps are no longer present. Fish that swim in it, go up like a spiral staircase at once. Once they have arrived at the top, they swim out of the Vislift again.

Water board enthusiastic

Water board Rivierenland was enthusiastic about the Vislift from the start, not only because of the innovative design. The new fish passage also continuously measures the waterquality. Moreover, the Vislift is more maintenance-friendlyand a lot cheaper than regular passages due to its compact construction. The fish passage will be tested for the permeability of fish in the coming months. The flow rate through the lift can be adjusted according to which species of fish will pass most. Which species these are, is monitored by a Fish counter and a camera.

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