Some of my rods I use for carp fishing

admin • 20 May, 2016 •  Fishing gear  

Because pen/floatfishing was my main activity, it does not matter and with glass fiber rods you could easily fish on 30 meters and so on. You were also able to set the hook on these short distances. The first good glass rods came from England like the Hardy Ten Ten (10"10'), originally a salmon spinning rod, the Jack Hilton Medium Taper (11") and the Bruce Ashby Rod (11") for fishing at your feet on big carp. Later on in Holland we made our own fishing rods and these compete with the finest rods worldwide.

Later in the eighties you could buy the first expensive graphite rods. The fishing rods became lighter in weight and more rigid, so you could easily set the hook on large distances. Later on there appeared boron on the market, also a material from the aerospace industry, very light and rigid.