Special catch: peacock cichlid

admin • 25 August, 2018 •  General   Reports  

On the platform mijnvismaat.nl we saw Rob Krijns with a very special catch. In Maastricht (South-East of Holland) he caught a peacock chichlid on the 2nd of August.

Never release aquarium fish in open water

Originally this species only exists in South America. Probably he was released by an aquarium holder; the peacock cichlid is also a popular aquarium fish. This fish can survive for a while during the summer, but will not survive the coming winter because it will not tolerate too low temperatures. The minimum for this species is about 13 degrees Celsius. Aquarium holders strongly advise against letting go of fish in nature because the consequences are often incalculable. Fish that do not belong in our water can carry diseases or compete with indigenous species.