Sport fishing is healthy

admin • 21 July, 2018 •  Reports  

Although many anglers have known this for a long time, the academic world has also become increasingly convinced in recent years
hitting fish is healthy for humans.

Studies show that angling is experienced as a pleasant and social form of physical activity.
For example, anglers are able to continue their activity longer than is the case with other sports. It is
also an attractive activity for young and old. The physical effort involved in angling can vary greatly, but the average number of calories that a fisherman can burn in an hour is similar to walking.

Combine this with the peace and relaxation that fishing brings with it, then you can conclude that the
angling provides both benefits for physical and mental health.

Fish as therapy

Rest and relaxation is also important for specific groups such as youth with behavioral or cognitive disorders.
Both research and practice show that fish contributes to discouraging antisocial behavior and promotes the formation of friendships outside school. In addition, hyperactive children appear to be able to sit quietly along the water while fishing and to concentrate for a long time.

The studies also show that angling can be used as a therapy to reduce the symptoms of post-traumatic stress (PTSD). According to studies, angling could lead to significant reductions in anxiety, depression and somatic stress symptoms. In foreign countries, including Australia, there are specialized organizations that offer sport fishing as a therapy for veterans.

In the Netherlands, a successful fishing day for veterans with PTSD was held in March of this year. Another form of rehabilitation with the help of angling is offered by organizations such as the North American Casting for Recovery. A specific form of angling, fly fishing, for example, appears to promote the recovery in women who have undergone a cancer surgery or radiation. Not only the peace and relaxation, but especially the gentle rhythmic movement of the arms that is needed in this process contribute to the recovery process.